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Brand Communication Design

Our extensive library of design research, thesis projects, and tools constantly facilitate brands in communicating both internally and externally. We collaborate closely with CEOs and marketing teams to build innovative brands, products, or services.

Internal Communication Design with CEO, HR, Marketing Team 
External Communication Design - Brand Guideline | Websites | PR | Ads


Environmental Graphics & Way-Finding

We collaborate with architects, CEOs, curators, and leaders to embed narratives into physical spaces, whether it's a workspace where brand values and culture are visible or an invisible narration that guides visitors from one artifact to another in a museum. Additionally, we design way- finding systems that save lives in hospitals and create world-recorded art installations to instill pride in employees.

Applications - Signage & Way-finding | Environmental Graphics | Art Installation


Films & Narrative Design

Film making is one of the mediums through which we are exploring and experimenting in new ways to narratively strike emotions. Our subdivision 'Epithet Films' handles production & post- production, while Design Epithet manages the creative and narrative aspects akin to an agency.

Feature Films | Brand Films | Ad Films | Animation + Live Action


Material & Product Design (LAB)

Our Material Design lab is a powerhouse that allows us to express our narrative while adhering to all aspects of our ethos: Sustainability, Essentialism, and Community - centredness. We are on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint and actively partner with brands that share our commitment to sustainability and equity.

Materials - Bio Material Design | Sustainable Materials | Upcycled Products 
Applications - Signage Modules | Wall Installations | Furniture | Acoustic Panels


Consultation | Execution


Community & Culture Design

We design narrative-based systems for communities to stay strong in achieving organizational goals. Designing work culture for workspaces, creating pride for farming communities to grow faster and more efficiently or for a group of artists coming together to paint a big wall for generating awareness.

Fields - CSR activities | NGO programs | Workspace Cultures | Restaurants | Institutes
Activities -  Workshops | Games | Identifying Groups | Documentation

Design Academy

Join our one-year Professional Design Thinking Course:

a program designed to equip students with valuable skills and earning opportunities in the design industry.

Join the

Thumba is a farming project initiated by Design Epithet. Our community system design enables professionals to engage in farming. We've addressed all common excuses (and problems) and designed a system (Thumba is in the Launching stage). Join us now, and we will guide you through the process.

Password Systems

The conventional concept of passwords as singular keys for each lock overlooks and fails to address the growing array of threats, exposing users to serious vulnerabilities. Our approach aims to address situations where a single door is equipped with multiple locks, each capable of granting access to different rooms.

Vehicle Design
Redefining Briefs

The automobile industry has traditionally focused on designing vehicles for the comfort and convenience of the users. However, in this project, we aim to explore how automobile brands can design their vehicles with a focus on the surroundings, considering the impact of their vehicles on pedestrians, other vehicles, and the environment. 

Feature Film 
Pre- Production

A collaborative approach to film-making, It's an invitations to film enthusiasts from a wide range of backgrounds to join us during the pre-production stage of our projects. The primary objective is to foster the growth of a passionate and diverse collective, while also creating opportunities for emerging talents by offering paid roles.

Sustainable Material 

We merge technology, innovation, and aesthetics to strike a balance between subtlety and impact, offering a fresh perspective that evokes tranquility. Enrich lives while championing economic and ecological sustainability, redefining design standards through our narrative-based approach that fosters meaningful connections.

Equity & Essentiality in Spatial Contexts

Exploring equity and essentiality in spatial contexts means studying how space and design affect fairness, inclusivity, and the basic needs of individuals and communities. Our project focuses on spatial narrative design, aiming to redefine Workspaces, Community spaces, Institutions, Hospitals, Resorts, Public Spaces, Sports Arenas. 

Narrative Design
Part II

Communication design tools development and methodology innovation are the core practices of Design Epithet. This year, we are calling communication design students to join a project that aims to create audience experience mapping and to develop entropy contexts.

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